The PowerPoint slides are coordinated with the videos. Slideshow 1 corresponds to the video of Session 1, Slideshow 2 to Session 2, etc. You are invited to download the slides onto your own computer and use them to make your own presentations to individuals and groups. You are free to share the slides with people and groups you make presentations to. I make the slides available to all groups that I make presentations to.


Session 1 - Evangelical Model
        Session 2 - The New Covenant
        Session 3 - New Covenant DNA in Sinai Covenant
        Session 4 - Everlasting Covenant Story
        Session 5 - The Two Covenants in Galatians 4
        Session 6 - The Two Covenants in 2 Corinthians 3
        Session 7 - The Law in Romans 7
              Session 8 - Under the Law
            Session 9 - The Covenants in Hebrews
              Session 10 - Galatians 3 and Progressive Revelation


Zip file of all Power Point Sessions